Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Reveals New Plans For Offseason

Lamar Jackson, Ravens
NFL Analysis Network

The first OTAs that the Baltimore Ravens had this offseason were missing a very important player. Quarterback Lamar Jackson was not present, as he missed the first set of practices. However, that isn’t something that he plans on having happen again.

Now the highest-paid player in NFL history, Jackson is ready to get back to work with his teammates. He agreed to a five-year, $260 million deal just before the NFL Draft, locking him in long-term with the Ravens.

With that now out of the way, the focus can shift to work on the field. Jackson joined his Baltimore teammates on Tuesday and took the field for the first time on Wednesday. Head coach John Harbaugh shared that the plan is to ramp up his activity as the team gets acclimated to a new offense.

Out is Greg Roman, who was the offensive coordinator for the Ravens from 2019-2022. He had been on the team’s coaching staff since 2017 but was not retained this offseason. Taking over for him as the offensive coordinator is Todd Monken, who has spent the last three seasons as offensive coordinator with the Georgia Bulldogs collegiately.

In a recent press conference, Jackson noted that the new offense was a big reason he plans on not missing any more of the offseason practices. After being in the same scheme for four seasons, it will certainly take some time to learn a new one. But, early indications are that things are going well, as Jackson called the new offense “smooth”.

“New offense,” Jackson said. “Had to get that down pat before the season rolls in because the season’s getting there. We’ve got a couple months left, but still just wanted to learn the new offense and be with my guys.”

There are no negatives to having Jackson around his teammates at this point in the offseason. He can start shaking off the rust from the injury that caused him to miss the last five games of the regular season and most of a sixth.

Having Jackson at practices for the remainder of the spring will give the Ravens a leg up on the competition. It will also help him learn the new offense, as Monken is going to be doing things differently than Roman did.