Rex Ryan Rips Into Russell Wilson And The Broncos

Russell Wilson, Broncos
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Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos were able to squeak out another win on Sunday Night Football in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers. They pushed their record to 2-1 on the season, but this isn’t a team that has instilled much confidence in people around the football world.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett was called out last week for how he has executed thus far, as people believe that he is in over his head. Accepting those criticisms, Hackett sought some help and brought in Jerry Rosburg to help with game management.

That move was made so that Hackett could focus on calling plays offensively. While certainly not a good look for a head coach, it was encouraging to see Hackett recognize an issue and try fixing it. However, even with the help of Rosburg, the Broncos still struggled on Sunday night.

They won the game 11-10 over the 49ers in what was a pitiful offensive display by both teams. Credit should be given to the respective defenses for what they did, but the struggles of the Broncos’ offense cannot be overlooked.

Many people have been criticizing their performance and that isn’t going to stop any time soon. Rex Ryan, during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up, was the latest person to rip apart Denver’s performance, calling them terrible.

Ryan says that the scheme Wilson is currently running with Denver is not conducive to his skill set. The Broncos run a ton of their offense out of shotgun formation, which limits how effective the Broncos can be running the ball. Wilson is at his best when playing off the running game in play-action, which Denver has not been doing much of.

There are still some major adjustments that need to be made. The Broncos have the running backs capable of filling roles to help Wilson take things to the next level. However, as Ryan pointed out, the coaching staff is currently trying to jam a square peg into a circle hole and it isn’t working.

The Broncos traded away a ton of draft capital and players to land Russell Wilson. They then signed him to a contract extension worth nearly a quarter billion dollars. Despite that level of commitment, they are not putting the ball in their hands to find success, which will ultimately lead to them falling short of their expectations when it matters most.