RUMOR: There is belief Russell Wilson ‘eventually’ won’t be on Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks appear primed for a strong 2020 NFL season with Russell Wilson being a critical element to their efforts. The current makeup of the Seahawks’ roster features a short-term window for Super Bowl contention.

After acquiring Jamal Adams in a trade with the New York Jets, it will be difficult to field a high-level contender beyond the next two seasons. A tough future financial landscape could bring troubling long-term consequences.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, there is a belief in league circles that Wilson will ‘eventually not be playing for the Seahawks.’

“There is a belief in league circles that Russell Wilson eventually will not be playing for the Seahawks,” Florio said on Pro Football Talk.

The Seahawks have struggled to field an impactful offensive line to protect Wilson. He has long relied on his ability to use his legs to buy time to throw the ball and his precision outside of the pocket has helped to mask some of these concerns.

Recently, the Seahawks have at least provided Wilson with some talented receiving threats in their offense. The latest addition is the selection of D.K. Metcalf of the 2019 NFL Draft along with the emergence of Tyler Lockett. With Phillip Dorsett as a possible No. 3 option, the Seahawks could use more firepower.

Perhaps that explains how Wilson reportedly was recruiting Antonio Brown to come to Seattle earlier in the offseason.

For now, Russell Wilson remains a potential MVP candidate ahead of the 2020 NFL season. He has yet to receive a single vote for this award in his career but perhaps eventually he could find a team to play for that provides a situation where he can.

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