Saints’ Michael Thomas Suggested As Trade Target For Packers

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The 2022 NFL season has been another tough one for New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas. After missing the entire 2021 season and appearing in only seven games in 2020, there was some optimism surrounding him as he was healthy coming into the year and ready to get his career back on track. Could a trade deadline move with the Green Bay Packers be on horizon?

Before the injury-plagued seasons, Thomas was arguably the best wide receiver in the league. He led the NFL in receptions in 2018 and 2019 and in 2019 he also led the league in receiving yardage with 1,725. His career started with a bang as he had at least 1,137 yards in each of his first four seasons.

Foot injuries are the deterrent this time around, as Thomas has played in only three games and none since Week 3. He was off to a strong start, catching 16 passes for 171 yards and three touchdowns.

Given the current status of the Saints, as their quarterback situation is a mess and the team is 3-5, they could entertain the idea of trading away Thomas. He was someone people were keeping an eye on during the offseason as it seemed like there was a chance the two sides would part ways after the tension that built about his injury last season and how he went about handling it.

There is no denying the talent that Thomas possesses, but the relationship between him and the organization isn’t the strongest. If they were presented with a strong trade offer, New Orleans would likely strongly consider it.

Could the Green Bay Packers be a potential landing spot for the Ohio State product? Thomas to Green Bay is one of the trades Natalie Miller of DraftWire believes is feasible ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline set for this afternoon.

The Packers made a mistake when it came to how they handled things with Davante Adams as they haven’t come close to being able to replace his production. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have much trust in the younger players on the roster, resulting in a very shaky passing game.

Thomas would bring that veteran presence Rodgers prefers and when healthy is capable of filling the Adams-sized hole in their lineup. A third-round pick was the suggested proposal and if that is something possible, the Packers should jump at the opportunity.

A lot of the other pass catchers available cost more premium draft picks or multiple picks. If they can get Michael Thomas from the Saints, albeit who seems like damaged goods currently, for only a third-round pick, it is a worthwhile risk for the Packers to make.

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