San Francisco 49ers: 3 Players to Watch in Preseason Week 2 vs. Texans

The momentum of the preseason can shift in any player’s favor. Whether it be they’re fighting for a starting spot or a spot on the team, the preseason matters a lot. It goes even further with many of the 49ers after week one of the preseason.

Some essential players like George Kittle and Matt Breida are out until the start of the regular season. Others came off of underwhelming performances and were outshined by their peers. And others have newfound competition with a fresh face on the roster in newly acquired running back, Alfred Morris.

There are plenty of players that the 49ers faithful should keep close attention to in their preseason at Houston. However, there are three names that they need to watch the closest.

Quick honorable mentions to defensive lineman, Julian Taylor, and wide receiver, Richie James. Both came in perfectly under different circumstances and proved their value to the team. They were each the MVP’s of their respective sides and will bring added depth to their position units.

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