Seahawks: 3 massive bold predictions for Jamal Adams in 2020

The Seattle Seahawks gave up quite the haul to acquire Jamal Adams from the New York Jets. Seeing that the Seahawks surrendered multiple first-round picks — and a future third-round pick — Adams is expected to be a key contributor for Seattle’s defense for years to come. Or so they hope.

In his first three seasons in the NFL, Adams has cemented himself as arguably the best safety in the league. What isn’t arguable about Adams is his versatility at the safety position. There aren’t many safeties that can play multiple positions on the field as well as Adams can.

Even though Adams is undergoing a change of scenery, there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue to have success with the Seahawks. With the former No. 6 pick longing for a contract extension in the near future and after being traded from the Jets, Adams will have a major chip on his shoulder in 2020.

Ever since Seattle landed Adams via trade, fans and the media alike have adjusted their projections for the team. When it comes to Adams individually though, what are some bold predictions that the All-Pro safety could obtain in the 2020 season?


  1. I think the Seahawks defensive team should have the mad eagle on the front of their helmets! It could imitate opposing players! 2 or 3 more ud players will make Seahawks unstopable!? ROBINET

  2. We need the NFL to increase 53 player roster to at least 58 to 60! The odds are against us that 2 or 4 players on defense and or offence could come down with the conorvirus 19 at the same time! ROBINET

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