Steelers: 5 Reasons It’s Time to Panic About Pittsburgh

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Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers came into the 2018 NFL season once again viewed as one of the main contenders in the AFC. Many thought that they were the only team that could knock off the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, two weeks into the season, some are beginning to question whether the Steelers are good enough to even make the playoffs.

An 0-1-1 start has begun to panic the city of Pittsburgh. Le’Veon Bell has yet to suit up for the Steelers and is not expected to report to the team anytime soon amidst his contract holdout. Some even believe that Bell will sit out until Week 10 when he is forced to return.

In the latest worrisome news, Antonio Brown did not show up for work following the Steelers’ Week 2 loss. He got into a Twitter spat with Pittsburgh media that ended with Brown tweeting “trade me.” Tomlin has since stated that he met with Brown and that the wide receiver has been punished for missing a team meeting, but there are no major concerns about him leaving the team at this time.

Outside of the drama with Bell and Brown, the Steelers simply haven’t looked good on either side of the football. They have been inconsistent offensively and porous defensively.

Many times when a team is going through early-season issues, the media will try to calm fans down and talk them off the ledge. This time, however, it is time for the Steelers and their fans to panic.

What five reasons can be given to support the statement that it’s time for the Steelers to panic?

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  1. Time to panic? The Steelers should have started to panic two or three years ago. We are running out of time with Ben and Tomlin needs to go. All of you that come back with Tomlin’s winning record as a reason to keep him are off. Would you rather go 13-3 every year and never win another Super Bowl or go 9-7 and win one. Tomlin can’t win against better coaches. That’s all there is to it. He came to Pittsburgh with his strength being defense and secondary. It’s the worst part of our game. Time to clean house and get some discipline back.

  2. We NEED to PAY Bell. He CONTROLS time of possession keeping our WEAK DEFENSE OFF the field! 400+ touches, 2nd best WR on the team and he’s RB!(2) WHY haven’t we had a SHUT DOWN CB since Rod Woodson? We were TOO CHEAP to pay Aqib Talib, A.J. from Buffalo, or Peters from K.C. I’m NOT sold on Hayden! (3) Mike Tomlin MUST GO! He is NOT good with IN GAME DECISIONS or ADJUSTMENTS! We played ZONE against Tom Brady FOR YEARS when EVERYONE KNOWS “ANY” QB will KILL a ZONE defense EVERYTIME! He STILL does NOT DOUBLE n TRIPLE Gronk to this day! I want us to lure Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan! He had that 49er team ROCK SOLID with an INTIMIDATING DEFENSE! He’s a PRO COACH … NOT college! GO GET HIM!!!

  3. It’s time for Tomlin to go he is a good man, but not a good coach, he came to this team that had a winning record Thanks to Bill Cower, and every season since they have been going down hill ,it’s time for a change and Butler should be replaced along with the half of the defensive team! It’s time for a wake up!!!

  4. Le’Veon Bell is becoming too much of a distraction for the team. He’s becoming another Dez Bryant and you see where he’s at now!

  5. You need to pay Bell if you want to have a chance to go to the playoffs. It’s a win win for everyone! I agree Tomlinson needs to go. He was only good, because he took over a gear team from Cowher. We need a coach like Cowher. He made great calls and cared about his players. He would let them know when they did great plays or didn’t. Tomlinson doesn’t even show any emotion on the field. It seems like he doesn’t care if we win or lose. We will never get to the Super Bowl again, if we Tomlinson on. I wish coach Cowher would come back. We would certainly have a great team that could beat the Patriots and go to the Super Bowl again!

  6. I don’t think Mike tomlin needs to go I hate to say this but bell has to go take that money and fix the defense! And I’m tired of hearing mike tomlin won with cowhers players! Who was he supposed to win with? I can remember when everybody wanted cowher out of here when he went 6-10! Far weather fans! Tomlin has control of the team! You all kill me with get tomlin out of here!

  7. For all you doubters, shut up. 3 games into the season ya’ll panicking like people who dont watch pro ball. It’s two games and we have “1” loss. Bell is old news, so stop speaking on it. He is not on our team anymore and we got a good running back in connor. We still made playoff runs without bell (due to injury), but now that he had two seasons of play everyone in his pocket. If you dont know nothing at all in this world, know this, one monkey doesn’t stop the show. And this Brown situation ain’t even a situation. He is an competitor and he needed some time. He hasn’t been penalized for missing so leave it be. Yall love making drama when there is none. Steeler nation wasnt built on one or two guys, it was built on the team. So stop trying to find reasons on why we lost 1 game and stay steeler strong. These little factors dont even have weight on why we lost “1” game. It’s basically teams prepared for us and we are implementing a new defense. So chill out. I know my Steelers are going to make a run and we going to do it with Tomlin and the TEAM!

  8. I agree with SteelerGold803. However, with that said, I still believe that Tomlin does play down to inferior teams and at a very high rate. He is also bad at time management as noted in the last game against KC. with over 4 mins at the opponents 20 yard line we can not punch the ball in quicker and our guys are slow to get to the line quicker come on man wake up. Our does not play with desperation and have this notion that we have a lot of season left. Problem is the season comes us too quickly and we are left to say if we only had won that one game against (this time Cleveland rather than tie.

  9. Listen up…we aint winning without a defense, and more specifically, a secondary. Balls caught with nobody within 3 yards of the receiver is abject incompetence.

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