Steelers WR Chase Claypool Reveals Thoughts On QB Mitchell Trubisky

Chase Claypool, Mitchell Trubisky, Steelers
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to have a new starting quarterback for the first time in nearly two decades this upcoming season. Long-time starter, Ben Roethlisberger, retired from the NFL this offseason, leaving a huge void for the franchise to fill.

They used their first-round pick on Kenny Pickett out of Pitt, but based on how reps were divided up during camp, he will not be the starting quarterback come Week 1. Things can change between now and then, but as things currently stand, it looks as if Mitchell Trubisky will be the starting quarterback.

Trubisky was signed by the Steelers this offseason after he spent one season with the Buffalo Bills. He began his career with the Chicago Bears before that, where he made two playoff appearances but never quite lived up to expectations, especially since Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes were selected after him.

Thus far, reviews have been very positive for Trubisky. His skill set is a good fit for what offensive coordinator Matt Canada wants to run, as he is a dual-threat under center. His presence in the building has also been a positive according to wide receiver Chase Claypool.

Claypool recently spoke about Trubisky and is a fan of his. He is always smiling and in a good mood according to Claypool. That makes it easier to get along with him according to the wide receiver, who is entering his third season with the team.

Well, that is certainly going to draw some attention. Who is Trubisyk being compared to here? Is Claypool referencing what his experiences were playing with Roethlisberger the last two seasons?

That will be the assumption many people have, as the only other quarterback that Claypool has worked with in the NFL that remains on the Steelers roster is Mason Rudolph, who is currently holding down No. 2 duties.

It is certainly encouraging for Trubisky that he is seen in such a positive light. While his long-term future may not be in Pittsburgh, as Pickett will eventually get the opportunity to showcase his stuff, 2022 is an important season for Trubisky. 

If he can put some good production on tape, he could find himself vying for a starting job elsewhere next offseason once again. Helping get the Steelers into the postseason and easing the transition away from Roethlisberger will certainly help Trubisky’s case when looking for starting jobs potentially as early as the 2023 offseason.