Super Bowl LIV: 3 reasons the build up has been among the quietest ever

If you forgot that Super Bowl LIV was occurring this weekend, you are not alone. Despite this being one of the most-watched televised events on a perennial basis, the media coverage leading up to the big event has been minimal this year.

The fact that two of the most marketable young quarterbacks in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, and Jimmy Garoppolo are playing in this game, should have made for tantalizing media coverage that the NFL continuously covets in an effort to remain the most popular sport on planet Earth.

Instead, it has been eerily quiet from the typically bustling South Beach in Miami, Florida. Fans are usually inundated with clips of player interviews, videos of celebrity appearances, and wall-to-wall analysis of the matchup between the two Super Bowl contenders.

This year remains an anomaly, as it represents the perfect storm of world events and crisis that has detracted the media from covering the Super Bowl and the fans from tuning in for coverage of the event.

The matchup between two of the NFL’s best teams, the 13-3 San Francisco 49ers and the 12-4 Kansas City Chiefs should be generating epic amounts of buzz. This rings especially true when considering how electric the Chiefs offense is and how dominant the 49ers defense has been.

A clash between one of the most prolific offenses and one of the most smothering defenses should have resulted in non-stop coverage and analysis. With the Mahomes and Garoppolo representing the players with second and third most jersey sales in the league this year, there should have been the constant promotion of the two young stars.

However, here we are, one day away from the most televised sporting event of the year, with most fans, both hardcore and casual alike, feeling as though they haven’t seen anything about the game. Here are the three main causes for the lack of media coverage and fan viewership for Super Bowl LIV:

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