Texans Could Pursue Teddy Bridgewater During NFL Offseason

Teddy Bridgewater, Texans
NFL Analysis Network

The Houston Texans were more competitive during the 2021 season than many people thought they would be. They finished the season 4-13, but David Culley was dealt an impossible hand to deal with and did what he could.

Despite universally being praised for the job that he did, the Texans fired him at the end of the season. While it must have certainly been disappointing only last one year in his first head coaching gig, Culley will walk away with $22 million for one year of coaching. Given how dysfunctional the Texans are, he may very well be walking away as the winner in his scenario.

For the franchise to get back on track, they have to start figuring out the quarterback position. The back and forth with Deshaun Watson isn’t helping anyone. If he can find resolution with the 22 lawsuits against him, it could open up the opportunity for the Texans to trade him.

Should he be cleared to return, Houston could get quite a haul for him. Watson is only 26-years old and could be the starting quarterback for the next decade for whichever team acquires him. While Houston would assuredly love to have him back under center for them, it seems like that relationship is beyond repair.

Moving on from Watson would enable the franchise to truly restart and kickstart the rebuild. However, the quarterback position still remains one that needs addressing.

Jeremy Flower of ESPN believes that the team could look for another veteran. Given the perceived weakness of the quarterback position in the 2022 draft class, the Texans could opt to have David Mills compete with a veteran in the offseason.

It is the same strategy that Houston tried in 2021 with Tyrod Taylor. Fowler believes Teddy Bridgewater could fit the bill as a stopgap veteran for the Texans to acquire this offseason.

Bridgewater isn’t the flashiest name that will be available this offseason but is a solid option. He has a winning record in his career at 38-33, completing 66.5 percent of his pass attempts in his career.