This 49ers-Texans trade features Deshaun Watson to San Francisco

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

When seeking a realistic trade option this NFL offseason, a team that continues to pop up as a viable trade destination for Houston Texans star Deshaun Watson has become the San Francisco 49ers.

Two years ago, The 49ers were a few key plays from winning the Super Bowl. Now, with the trade request of Deshaun Watson, they have the opportunity to acquire a quarterback who could lead them to multiple Super Bowl titles.

Meanwhile, if the Texans can’t patch things up with Watson they need to accumulate as many picks or players as they can as they enter a full rebuild.

Trade Scenario

The proposed NFL blockbuster trade consists of San Francisco sending Jimmy Garoppolo, a 2021 first round pick, a 2022 first round pick, and a 2022 third round pick in exchange for Deshaun Watson.

Would This Trade Work for the 49ers?

From the 49ers’ perspective this trade would be an absolute no brainer.

Not only is Deshaun Watson a significant upgrade over the often injured and inconsistent Garoppolo, but they also wouldn’t be parting away with near as many draft picks as some around the league believe. San Francisco would essentially be attempting to convince the Texans that Garoppolo is an ascending player and that his best years are ahead of him. Garoppolo would be the key to this whole trade working.

The 49ers would have to acknowledge that while the draft compensation might not be better than some teams are willing to offer. The addition of Garoppolo, a potential franchise quarterback, would be a vital component to any proposal.

This deal would be the biggest trade in the history of the 49ers organization and teaming up Kyle Shanahan with Deshaun Watson would almost be unfair.

Would This Trade Work for the Texans?

From the Texans’ perspective this is a pretty bad trade. This trade is practically the same trade compensation that the Lions received for Matthew Stafford. Nobody is going to confuse Matthew Stafford for Deshaun Watson.

Houston would also be a receiving Jimmy Garoppolo whose value tanked this past season. Garoppolo has shown the inability to work under chaotic situations before and at his age 29, turning 30 during the season, he’s not going to get much if any better.

Houston has to understand that this is the biggest moment in their franchise history. Convincing Deshaun Watson should be the priority. But if they are forced to move him they need to acquire as much draft capital as possible. This trade has ramifications for years to come and the Texans need to understand the potential consequences of that.

Deal or No Deal?

While this trade has some intrigue for both sides, ultimately the Texans will chase after a deal with more draft picks, or a better quarterback option. There are other NFL teams who would be willing to oblige.

This trade has potential if the 49ers were willing to part with another first round pick. The Texans could also look to pry away a young star player such as Nick Bosa or Fred Warner.