This Eagles-Steelers trade would send Zach Ertz to Pittsburgh

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The Philadelphia Eagles were reportedly open to trading tight end Zach Ertz ahead of the NFL trade deadline, but no deal ended up being completed. Instead, Ertz went on the IR and finished out the season in Philly. This offseason, however, that may change, and the Pittsburgh Steelers could end up being a team to watch.

Ertz is not the superstar tight end that he once was. He is still very good, but he is not the kind of No. 1 target that he used to be. However, the Steelers should still have a ton of interest in acquiring him for the right price.

During the 2020 NFL season with the Eagles, Ertz ended up playing in 11 games. He caught 36 passes for 335 yards and a touchdown. Back in 2019, he caught 88 passes for 916 yards and six touchdowns.

Obviously, his numbers have fallen off a bit. There is concern that he could be taking a permanent step back. But, if he is on the market, quite a few teams will come calling.

All of that being said, let’s take a look at a trade between the Eagles and Steelers that would send Zach Ertz to Pittsburgh.

The Hypothetical Trade

Steelers Receive: Zach Ertz

Eagles Receive: Third-Round Pick

This would be a win-win trade for both sides involved. For the Eagles, they would be unloading a player that simply doesn’t fit with them long-term anymore. In return, they would get an additional draft pick that could net them another important young talent.

On the other side of the trade, the Steelers would be getting a weapon who could potentially bounce back with a big season. If Ertz can return to his former numbers, the Pittsburgh offense would improve dramatically.

Moving on from Ertz would be a tough call for the Eagles. He has been one of the faces of their franchise for years and is a major fan favorite. But, the NFL is a business as well and this would show that side of the game.

Both teams could improve with this move. Dallas Goedert seems to be the new tight end in town for the Eagles and the Steelers could upgrade over Eric Ebron by acquiring Ertz. They could also deploy dangerous two tight end packages with Ertz and Ebron on the field together.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors surrounding Zach Ertz this offseason. It seems likely that he will get dealt in the near future. This trade could be something to keep an eye on.

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  1. I think that Zach Ertz has a lot of football left in him. His performance of late has more to do with O-line problems & injuries than anything else. I would hate to see him leave Philly, but I do understand the cap situation.

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