This Giants-Steelers Trade Sends Chase Claypool To New York

Chase Claypool, Giants, Steelers
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What the New York Giants have accomplished during the 2022 season is truly remarkable. They are under new management with Joe Schoen taking over as general manager and bringing Brian Daboll along with him from the Buffalo Bills to be the head coach. They have quickly changed the culture for Big Blue, who were in the doldrums as the least winningest franchise in the NFL under their last regime led by general manager Dave Gettleman.

There is still plenty of work to do, as it could take Schoen another year or two before he truly cleans up the salary cap mess that Gettleman left. But they have done an excellent job turning things around in Year 1, putting the Giants back on the map.

New York is 6-1and while the Giants have found ways to pull games out, there are some glaring needs on the roster. Wide receiver is likely the top one, as they do not have a single player with 200 yards receiving yet this season. They have built a game plan around their running game and limiting mistakes on offense, which has led to plenty of success.

But, to truly reach that next level, they could use some pass-catching help. Luckily for New York, there could be some solid pass catchers available, such as Chase Claypool of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh is in a transition phase with rookie Kenny Pickett taking over the starting quarterback spot. Pickett has shown he is not afraid to take shots downfield, bringing some life to their offense. But, this is a unit that is a mess and will likely undergo some changes in the coming weeks and months.

Trading Claypool is something that has been mentioned previously, but the price will not be cheap. The Steelers are reportedly looking for a deal similar to the one that the Carolina Panthers received for Christian McCaffrey, who was acquired in exchange for a second, third and fourth-rounder in 2023 and a fifth-rounder in 2024.

That isn’t a price the Giants are going to come close to matching, nor should they. They need to remain on course, not deviating by throwing away draft picks because they are having an unexpectedly good season. If someone becomes available for under market price, they will look into it, but paying top dollar for Claypool likely isn’t in their plans.

New York doesn’t have extra picks in this 2023 draft currently like they had in the 2022 draft. At most, they would likely offer a fourth-round pick for Claypool, who is gifted athletically and possesses great size for a wide receiver, but that has not always translated to the field.

The need for a wide receiver is clear, but Schoen and company aren’t going to divert from their course of action knowing they can address the need head-on in the offseason. A trade for a wideout like the Steelers’ Claypool could make a lot of sense though.