This Lions-Browns Trade Sends Baker Mayfield To Detroit

Baker Mayfield, Lions, Browns
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The biggest question around the NFL quarterback landscape is now what will happen to Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. The former number one overall pick is hearing the music slowdown and still does not have a seat in this game of musical chairs. Perhaps one team that would trade for him is the Detroit Lions?

Check out the proposed trade below

Lions Receive: Baker Mayfield

Browns Receive: 2023 Third-Round Pick

It may not look like it, but this is a win for the Browns. They get off of the $18 million salary of Baker Mayfield when it was looking like no team was going to take his salary. For the Lions, it is a risk. Mayfield has a career ANY/A of 6.1, and last season was at 5.41, his worst year.

Jared Goff is a 6.45 for his career and was at 5.6 last season. That was not his worst mark, because his rookie season was historically bad. Still, Goff was not as bad on a two-win team with no help as Mayfield was with a great run game and a solid line.

Beyond that, the Lions would have to take on the $18 million salary of Mayfield. Goff already has a $31 million cap hit this season.

A competition between Mayfield and Goff would give the Lions a look at which quarterback is better and give them a better chance at finding their next guy. Still, they know that Goff is not in the long-term picture, and Mayfield is of the same caliber, so the team would be doubling down on where they are. Plus, they would be paying $46 million for both quarterbacks, including possibly having a backup making $18 million.

Even with the Lions losing a third-round pick in 2023, it almost is not worth it because of the money alone, but because he does not present a clear upgrade, and instead makes the picture muddier it is even harder to swallow.

The Browns have to hope the Lions want to take on this risk.