This Ravens-Broncos Trade Sends WR Jerry Jeudy To Baltimore

Jerry Jeudy, Ravens, Broncos
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The Baltimore Ravens are once again finding success in the 2022 season on the back of a dominant rushing attack offensively. Baltimore is fifth in the NFL in points scored and 11th in yardage, helping overcome what has been an underwhelming performance defensively as they are in the bottom half of the league in points and yardage allowed. Could they look to make a big move ahead of the trade deadline with the Denver Broncos for Jerry Jeudy?

While having a dominant run game is certainly a positive, the Ravens’ passing game has, at times, left something to be desired. While Lamar Jackson is fourth in the NFL with 15 touchdown passes, this aerial offense doesn’t put much pressure on opposing defenses.

Baltimore is 28th in passing attempts and 26th in passing yardage. When you have a run game that is as successful as theirs, it makes sense that the passing game is second fiddle. However, that could also be because of personnel.

The Ravens traded Marquise Brown, their No. 1 receiver, during the 2022 NFL Draft to the Arizona Cardinals. Rashod Bateman, their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, has been unable to stay healthy and on the field. Mark Andrews, their all-world tight end and Jackson’s No. 1 target, is also battling injury.

It would behoove the Ravens to at least explore the possibility of making an addition to the roster ahead of the trade deadline on Tuesday. If the opportunity presents itself to add an upgrade to the wide receiver position, they should jump at the chance.

One player that could fit the bill for Baltimore is Jerry Jeudy of the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are going to have quite a phone bill for the month of October with how many calls teams have been placing to them looking to inquire not only about Jeudy but fellow wide receiver KJ Hamler and pass rusher Bradley Chubb.

The asking price for Jeudy will not be cheap. The former first-round pick likely went up in cost after the New York Giants were able to acquire a third and sixth-round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Kadarius Toney.

To get the Broncos to the negotiating table, the Ravens will have to offer at least two picks. An aggressive offer would include a second-round pick, which Baltimore could also attach a fifth-rounder two as they have two in the 2023 NFL Draft. If Denver counters with a third and fourth-round pick being the price, that could be something that the Ravens are comfortable with doing as well.

If Denver pushes the envelope and asks for two Day 2 picks, a second and third-rounder, the Ravens will think long and hard about it, but will likely pass. Two picks will likely have to be offered, it is just a matter of which combination of them they will be. One Day 2 pick is the most Baltimore should offer as the 2023 offseason will give them another chance to add playmakers to the offense.