This Texans-Browns Trade Sends Baker Mayfield To Houston

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The Cleveland Browns made a major change at the quarterback position this offseason, acquiring Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. He is the new face of the franchise and the team also signed Jacob Brissett to be his backup. So, what does that mean for the former starter, Baker Mayfield? It likely means that he will be with a new franchise, but when that will occur is anyone’s guess.

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft remains on the Browns’ roster for really no reason at this point in time. Cleveland has no role for him as the relationship between the two sides is damaged beyond repair. They have to move on from him, but this issue is mostly their own doing.

Mayfield’s role was up in the air for weeks. While teams around the league filled their quarterback spots, the Browns stayed put. Then, the Watson trade unfolded, but the teams needing a quarterback shrunk, leaving Mayfield in limbo.

Right now, there aren’t many teams that are interested in adding a quarterback. Each franchise seems pretty set, as some used the 2022 NFL Draft to address their needs. Could the Browns and Texans come together on another deal centered around a quarterback?

Over at Bleacher Report, they believe a trade between Cleveland and Houston should happen. Mayfield would finally head to Houston, while the Texans would send a seventh-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft back to Cleveland.

The Texans could use a veteran on the roster as Tyrod Taylor signed with the New York Giants this offseason. Davis Mills is currently penciled in as the starter as Houston didn’t select a quarterback in the draft. Mayfield could compete for the starting job, something he would likely appreciate having the chance to do.

Cleveland does something they should have done weeks ago and moves Baker Mayfield. The seventh-round pick is a far cry from the first-rounder they were reportedly seeking, but that is the cost of waiting as long as they did to make a deal.