This Wild Packers-Raiders Trade Swaps Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr

Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Packers, Raiders
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The Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders completed a huge trade in the offseason. All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams was sent from Green Bay to Las Vegas in exchange for a first and second-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Could another deal end up happening involving both Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr?

While Adams has put together another strong season individually, it is a trade that neither team has truly benefited from. Despite the splash acquisition, the Raiders are 3-7 on the season. The Packers aren’t much better as their offense has fallen apart without Adams in the mix and they are 4-7.

Both teams could be facing some major changes in the offseason as a result of their struggles this year. Could the two franchises come together once again on another blockbuster trade? That is certainly something to keep an eye on according to NFL Rumors on Twitter.

They shared that an offseason trade to keep an eye on would be the Packers and Raiders swapping quarterbacks, trading Aaron Rodgers for Derek Carr. Moving on from Carr is something that could lead to the Raiders having to unload Adams as well, but if he was teaming up with Rodgers again, he would stay with Las Vegas.

That would certainly shake up the NFL landscape. We have already seen what Rodgers and Adams are capable of accomplishing as a duo; would pairing them up again be enough to get the Raiders back on track? Josh McDaniels’ job is safe, for now, but he may not be willing to run it back with Carr as his quarterback as the two haven’t been able to produce many wins this season.

From the Packers’ standpoint, it would be hard to make sense of this swap unless Rodgers forces their hand and asks for a trade. If that occurs, getting a quarterback of Carr’s caliber in a return package would be seen as a win. While not always recognized as a top signal caller in the league, Carr has shown that he can play at and above a Pro Bowl level, as he was in the running for the MVP award in 2016 before suffering an injury.

Turning only 32 next year, Carr could also give the Packers a long-term answer at the quarterback position as Rodgers is turning 39 in December. Some hoops would have to be jumped through for a deal of this magnitude to be completed, but it is one that in the right circumstances, could make sense for both teams.