Titans, Chiefs Are Only Two Teams Over Last 6 Years To Do This

Chiefs, Titans
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There are currently 14 teams in the NFL that have records above the .500 mark. Those teams are separating themselves from the rest of the league as we head into the stretch run of the regular season with the playoffs seeding up for grabs. Two intriguing teams to watch will be the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans.

Every year there are a few different teams that climb the standings and crash the postseason after a losing season the year before. The New York Giants, Washington Commanders, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks are looking to do that this season.

There are a few teams that are having repeat success, such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers, who are looking to extend their playoff streaks. However, two teams stand out in that regard; the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs.

Every franchise in the NFL is looking to replicate the extended streak of success that the New England Patriots had with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Or the dynasties of the past such as the 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cowboys. 

While the Titans and Chiefs haven’t found that level of championship success yet, they are putting together an impressive run. In the last six seasons, Tennessee and Kansas City are the only two teams in the league to finish with a record above .500. 

The last losing season for the Titans was in 2015 when they went 3-13 under Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Mularkey. They have won at least nine games in every season since, making four playoff appearances. The last three AFC South titles have been won by them as they are well on their way to a fourth straight.

The streak by the Chiefs is even longer. They haven’t had a losing season since 2012 when they went 2-14 under Romeo Crennel. Andy Reid was hired the offseason following that and the Chiefs haven’t looked back, winning double-digit amount of games in seven out of eight seasons under Reid. They are well on their way to making that eight out of nine and their seventh straight AFC West title.