Vikings: 3 reasons Minnesota will win the NFC North in 2020

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The NFC North is an interesting division. That’s partly because it’s the old school division of the NFL. You have the historic rivalry of the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears at the center of a division where there aren’t a ton of fond feelings.

The Lombardi Trophy is named after the great Packers’ coach, the first coach to win a Super Bowl. The Lions have typically played the loveable losers with a few flashes of hope through the decades brought on by men like Barry Sanders and Matthew Stafford. The Minnesota Vikings have a long and storied history. From the Bud Grant era to Daunte Culpepper and Cris Carter, to Kirk Cousins and Adam Thielen, they’ve always been a proud franchise. 

It’s certainly a distinguished division. That being said, it’s not a very complicated division. Today, we’re going to be focused on the Minnesota Vikings and why they should be division champions by the end of the 2020 NFL season. You may be thinking that this is a bold statement, considering the Packers were just in the NFC Championship Game. 

The Vikings are a bold team with a bold vision. Mike Zimmer knows just what he wants to do with this team. The New Orleans Saints were a stacked team, many people believed to be the best team in the 2019 season. The Vikings out willed them in the Wild Card round game.

Were they a championship caliber team last year? No. Were they a good team that was maybe just a year a way from being a contender? Yes. That’s absolutely the case. 

Today we’re going to lay out what the Vikings have in place that will help them along the way. We will also dive into why they will topple the Packers and why the Bears and Lions won’t factor into the equation. The thesis statement of this argument is that the Vikings are a team on the rise that will be hard for their NFC North foes to deal with. 

Let’s take a look at three reasons the Vikings will end up winning the NFC North.

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