Washington Redskins: 3 Things We Learned in Preseason Week 3

Washington Redskins: 3 Things We Learned in Preseason Week 3

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Adrian Peterson has something left

No one can predict what happens when the games start counting for real in a couple of weeks. But you can judge a player on how he moves, his speed and aggressiveness in the preseason. In his debut for the Redskins, Peterson passed every test imaginable.

Going into the game, it was clear the Redskins wanted to get Peterson the ball and get a feel for him. Gruden wanted to see what he had left and how he ran with the first-team offensive line. Washington ran a vanilla offense, but Peterson looked a lot like his former self.

He would find the hole, explode through it and continued to move his legs, picking up additional yards when it seemed he would be down for no gain or a short loss. On one fourth-down run, Peterson pressed the hole inside, then cut outside and picked up several yards for the first-down conversion. It looked like a vintage Peterson run.

This is a small investment for the Redskins. Peterson signed a one-year deal for the veteran minimum, so if he struggles it costs Washington nothing. However, if he looks like the player he did in his preseason debut, the Redskins will have one of the NFL’s best bargains in 2018.

Stay tuned.

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