What to expect from Kyle Pitts in his rookie season with the Falcons

Kyle Pitts, Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons had the number four overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and they snagged the best tight end to ever come into the NFL Draft. Kyle Pitts is the highest drafted tight end in NFL history, and rightfully so as he is a polarizing talent from the tight end position.

Pitts is sure to make an immediate impact at the NFL, and in this piece we’ll cover three predictions for the young tight end.

So without further delay, let’s dive in and take a look at what to expect from the Falcons’ rookie tight end in 2021.

3. At Least 75 Receptions

The first prediction I have for Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts is that he will haul in 75 plus receptions in his rookie season. Pitts is going to be a highly effective player for the Falcons and the fact that they are a pass-heavy team will allow Pitts to get the ball in his hands early and often.

Pitts will likely be matched up against linebackers most of the time, and Pitts’ athletic ability will allow him to free himself open and make easy catches. 75 receptions is certainly within the realm of possibility for Pitts.

2. Pitts Will Catch 10 Or More Touchdown Passes

My second prediction for Pitts is that he will score 10 or more touchdowns. The Falcons will be throwing the ball all the time with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and now Pitts on the roster and Pitts could be a lethal red zone weapon.

Pitts prides himself on his ability to high point the football and make contested catches and that could translate to him scoring a lot of touchdowns. Don’t be shocked if Pitts winds up with somewhere between 10 or 15 touchdowns in 2021. He could look an awful like like Jimmy Graham used to in his prime.

1. He Will Live Up To The Hype Immediately

My last prediction for Kyle Pitts is that he’ll see immediate success. Pitts has a play style that translates perfectly to the NFL, and he’ll surely see some success straight from the get go.

Pitts was the most hyped up prospect in this NFL Draft, outside of Trevor Lawrence of course, and he is predicted to be the most successful. He will not only be successful right away, but he will enter the league as one of the best tight ends. He is going to be a fun player to watch in Atlanta.

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