Why Bears fans should be excited about David Montgomery in 2020

Bears, David Montgomery
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The nwame “David Montgomery” should excite you, even if the world doesn’t know it yet. Montgomery might not be the most talked-about running back in the league. He might not even be the most talked-about running back in the city of Chicago. But Bears fans should start getting ready to see their third-round pick from 2019 blossom into a star– whether the hype train has arrived for him or not.

As a Chicago rookie in 2019, fresh off the heels of a spectacular three-year college career with Iowa State, Montgomery flashed the potential of a Day Two draft steal with high-volume, high-efficiency performances against the Chargers and Vikings.

But for every 135-yard game or two-touchdown scoring performance that Montgomery managed in his rookie campaign, he seemed to follow it up with a handful of underwhelming outings.

And thus, the rapid-reaction consensus on David Montgomery seems to have landed on a rousing “meh.” A guy capable of carrying his weight in an offense, but not somebody who can take over a game.

But entering the second season of Montgomery’s professional career, the Bears’ running back will have the chance to change the narrative, and turn into a household name. Here are three reasons why.