Why Bill Belichick and Cam Newton could coexist in New England

Cam Newton, Patriots
Photo Credit: Paulo Miguel Garaygay

Former MVP quarterback Cam Newton is still looking for a job after his departure from the Carolina Panthers. Many fans and pundits speculated about the idea of him joining the New England Patriots, since they obviously have a huge vacancy at their quarterback position.

But, once those rumors started circulating, several sources and analysts claimed the marriage between Newton and head coach Bill Belichick just wouldn’t work out.

Former New England executive Scott Pioli appeared on CBS Sports’ ‘The Zach Gelb Show,’ last week to share some of his thoughts on a potential Cam Newton signing in New England.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talk about that, and in my mind, having spent as much time with Bill as I did, I don’t see those two coexisting together,” said Pioli. “The personalities and the beliefs of how the game should be played and is played, it seems like oil and water. I just see them as being very different personalities and having very different approaches to the game.”

Other analysts around the sport have shared the same sentiment, but if Belichick’s number one goal is winning, wouldn’t he want the best possible player under center for him?

Jarrett Stidham has very little NFL experience, their backup Brian Hoyer is a career journeyman, and unless they trade up for a QB, they won’t find one as good as Newton through the draft either.

This notion that their personalities can’t work together is just bogus. As long as Newton comes in ready to work and be the best player he can be, there would be no issues whatsoever. Belichick has had big personalities in his locker room before, it’s not like this would be extremely out of the ordinary for the Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski was seen partying all throughout his tenure with the Patriots, he was pretty much known for it. They’ve brought in boisterous wideouts like Randy Moss and Chad Johnson in year’s past as well. All three players came into the organization and played their part in the ‘Patriot Way’ seamlessly. Is Cam Newton unable to do something like that?

If Newton was introduced to the kind of structure that the Patriots organization offers, he would do just fine. He still works at his craft, he’s always been considered a leader during his time in Carolina and when he’s healthy he is still one of the best in the business.

Of course, signing Newton would mean the Patriots need to rework some current contracts and figure out other ways to clear enough cap room for him. But, they still could probably sign him for a pretty reasonable deal since he’s been on the open market for a few weeks now.

New England almost feels like the perfect landing spot for Newton. We’ll have to wait and see if Belichick sees it that way as well.

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