Why fans should be excited about Colts rookie RB Jonathan Taylor in 2020

Jonathan Taylor, Colts
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While the Indianapolis Colts did not have a first round pick this season, they still managed to land a ton of talent in the draft. One player with a tremendous amount of upside is running back Jonathan Taylor. Taylor served as the workhorse back for the Badgers all three years of college.

The Colts already have a very qualified starting back in Marlon Mack. However, Mack and Taylor are a duo that could end the season as the NFL’s best backfield. Taylor is coming off an outstanding career in Wisconsin and he could have broken the NCAA all-time rushing record.

Taylor has the desirable size for an NFL back, weighing at 226 lbs at the combine. He has an impressive level of speed to go with a big frame, meaning the Colts drafted a combine standout who was one of the most dominant backs in NCAA history.

While college success doesn’t always translate to the NFL, it helps to have a top tier offensive line. The Colts’ offensive line is versatile enough to run both power and zone run schemes better than most NFL teams. This is very similar to how the Badgers offensive-line was for Taylor in college. This versatility makes it difficult for opposing defenses to scheme against.

While Jonathan Taylor has the talent to carry the Colts run game, he does not have to. Mack and Taylor complement each other very well. Both backs have good speed, good size, and can handle 20-plus touches.

With that being said, let’s take a look at three reasons why fans should be excited about Colts rookie RB Jonathan Taylor in 2020.

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