Why Mohamed Sanu is exactly what the Packers need

Mohamed Sanu, Packers
NFL Analysis Network

Mohamed Sanu was expected to be a fairly important role player for the New England Patriots’ offense this season, but was surprisingly released on Wednesday. Now, the search is on for him to find his next team. The Green Bay Packers might be exactly what Sanu needs to get back on track.

Not only could the Packers help Sanu get back on track, he could be exactly what the doctor ordered for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense.

Heading into this offseason, the Packers were expected to target a wide receiver in free agency or the 2020 NFL Draft. Fans were shocked that the team only brought in Devin Funchess. However, Funchess chose to opt out of the season due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the 2019 season split between the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, Sanu played in 15 games. He caught 59 passes for 520 yards and two scores. Those numbers weren’t great, but show that he is still capable of making an impact.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at why Mohamed Sanu is exactly what the Packers need and why they should go all-out to bring him in.