Why the Bills season, and the AFC Playoff race, rests in the hands of Josh Allen

Josh Allen, Bills, NFL
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills knew exactly what they were getting in Josh Allen. Or at least, the rest of the NFL did. A tall, athletic, strong-armed quarterback with all the physical tools a general manager could ask for. But a player that, at the very least, might need some time to come into his own.

And to his credit, Allen hasn’t been much of a surprise on that front– even if his play through two years in the NFL has been something of a mixed bag. The athletic, strong-armed quarterback has played the role that the league thought he could.

Not only has he shown a penchant for wanting to push the ball downfield, but he’s been able to use his legs to his advantage as well– torching defenses on the ground and ending both his pro seasons top three among quarterbacks in rushing yards.

But while the bright spots of Allen’s game have brought to the Bills’ franchise, the parts at which he’s still developing have put a cap on what Buffalo’s potential might otherwise be. For every dazzling run or highlight reel throw that Allen pulls off– he’s still been plagued by a wealth of inaccurate throws and frustrating turnovers.

Maybe that’s just who Allen is. After all, it’s who he was in college too. Through two seasons starting for Wyoming, the quarterback never had a season where he completed more than 57% of his passes, and threw for a combined 21 interceptions in those two years as well. College play isn’t always a great determiner of professional success, and Allen still has time to grow out of these issues. But he may need to do it fast.

Because, around Josh Allen isn’t just a roster that’s ready to compete for another Wild Card spot, or make a run at the AFC East. Surrounding Josh Allen, on both offense and defense, is a roster that’s ready for a Super Bowl run– with talent on both sides of the ball.

The Bills, after nearly two decades of mediocrity, could finally be ready to make a run at it all. All that’s left at this point is waiting on Josh Allen to figure it all out, because the rest of his team is ready.