Why the Cowboys must re-sign Randall Cobb this offseason

Randall Cobb, Texans
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With NFL free agency just around the corner, the Dallas Cowboys have a number of pending free agents who will certainly demand attention on the open market. The top priority for the franchise will likely be getting a long-term deal done with quarterback Dak Prescott and pairing him with his favorite target on the outside in Amari Cooper for the long haul.

Once those two are signed, the Cowboys’ focus should shift towards retaining another one of their offensive playmakers, Randall Cobb. Out of the nearly 30 players who are pending free agents for the Cowboys, Cobb may not be the sexiest name on the list, but he would surely play a crucial role in the team’s transition from Jason Garrett’s offense to Mike McCarthy’s.

For starters, Cobb’s played nearly his entire career under McCarthy as a member of the Green Bay Packers. During his time there, he cemented himself as one of the most reliable slot receivers in football. His experience within McCarthy’s system would pay dividends for a young quarterback like Prescott.

Learning a new offensive system is never easy for a quarterback. Having Cobb by his side to help guide him through the inner workings of the offense would make Prescott’s transition much smoother. Cobb’s presence would also help his fellow receivers as they learn the new route concepts that McCarthy will install.

Although Cobb will be 30-years-old heading into next year, he didn’t show any signs of slowing down this past season. He was the team’s third-leading receiver, accumulating 55 receptions for 828 yards and three touchdowns.

Cobb’s age may also work in the Cowboy’s favor when it comes to negotiations. Given the fact that teams around the NFL tend to shy away from throwing big contracts at players over the age of 30, Dallas won’t have to break the bank to bring Cobb back in 2020. A two-to-three-year deal with some guaranteed money would likely get the deal done and make both sides happy.

At the end of the day, the Cowboys top priority moving forward will be helping their young franchise quarterback anyway they can. Giving Prescott another year with the same cast of wideouts he had in 2019 would benefit not only him, but the offense as a whole.

The team has plenty of money to play with and plenty of reasons to spend some of it on a veteran receiver like Randall Cobb. There’s no reason Cobb should be anywhere other than Dallas next season.

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