Why the Packers must target Tee Higgins at No. 30 in the NFL Draft

Tee Higgins, Giants, NFL Draft
Mark Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Davante Adams Needs A Partner Like Higgins

Finally, the Packers already have one of the NFL’s elite wide receivers in Davante Adams. He is a top-notch possession wideout and Rodgers has amazing chemistry with him. However, he needs some pressure taken off of him.

If the Packers are able to snag Higgins in the 2020 NFL Draft, Adams would see much more freedom. Far too often in 2019, defenses were double-teaming Adams. With another weapon on the other side of the field, they will not be able to do that as often.

An Adams-Higgins duo would help take the Packers back to being one of the elite offenses in the NFL. Rodgers would see his numbers rise immediately and Green Bay might be able to take the next step into the Super Bowl.