Will Phillip Rivers or Derek Carr have a better 2020 Season?

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Two players who are on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of age, but two quality QBs are Derek Carr and Phillip Rivers.

Derek Carr has played his post-high school football career in the state of California. Carr would end up playing college football at Fresno State for 4 years and would end up getting drafted by the Oakland Raiders. Now with Oakland on its way to Vegas, they will bring along their current starting QB with them, but not everybody is the biggest fan of Carr.

NFL analysts and fans will aren’t the biggest fans of Carr, mainly criticizing him for his lack of deep throws and his very conservative style of football. According to player profiler, Carr has thrown the 25th lest amount of deep ball attempts and the 25th lowest amount of attempted yards total.

While fans and media aren’t the biggest fans of his play, his team may not be either. This offseason, the Oakland Raiders brought in former Tennessee Titans QB, Marcus Mariota. Mariota may not win the QB job in Vegas as he lost his own in Tennessee the year prior, but the addition of Mariota will give the Raiders QB some competition to worry about.

While Derek Carr has played most of his career with the Raiders, Phillip Rivers has spent most of his career with the Chargers, until this season.

Rivers fist arrived with the Chargers when they were still in San Diego, and still had current Saints QB Drew Brees. Rivers wouldn’t start his first couple of seasons in San Diego, mainly due to Drew Brees being the starting QB, but after the 2005 season, the Chargers let Brees walk, which would open the door for Rivers.

Rivers would end up playing 15 years with the Chargers and it would seem like Rivers would end his career in LA, but after a poor 2019 season, Rivers would end up leaving the west coast for the Indianapolis Colts. Nobody is sure how long Rivers will last with the Colts, but he will spend at least one year out in Indy.

While both are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of age, the battle between the two will be a close one.

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