Will Tyreek Hill or Michael Thomas have the better 2020 season?

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It gets lost in the shuffle once we start discrediting the effect of slant routes and quick completions, but here’s something that we shouldn’t soon forget. That Michael Thomas guy from the New Orleans Saints is pretty ‘freakin good. Like, arguably the best wideout in the NFL good. 

Over the last two seasons, here’s how he ranks among the NFL: No. 1 in targets (332), catches and catch percentage (274 and 82.5%), yards (3,130), and No. 2 in touchdowns (19). All indications point to that trend continuing too. He’s reached the sweet spot age for wide receivers (27), and could be primed for a third consecutive All-Pro selection. 

The crop of receivers poised to challenge that runs deep. And pun fully intended, one player in particular to watch will be Tyreek Hill, Kansas City’s do-it-all speedster. Shoulder injuries at the start of the 2019-20 season played into his demise. That left him with “only” 58 catches for 860 yards and seven touchdowns in 12 games. 

Should health permit, the four-time Pro Bowler should be able to find his way back into the upper echelon of wideouts. But are there enough opportunities for him to compete on the leaderboard with the game’s best statistical receiver? That certainly deserves a second look.