This statistic shows just how bad the Cowboys really were in 2019

Dak Prescott, Cowboys
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Throughout the majority of the 2019 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys were viewed as a playoff team and expected to win the NFC East division. Unfortunately, they went cold at the end of the season and ended up losing the division race to the Philadelphia Eagles.

While many thought the Cowboys were a playoff team, a new statistic has been revealed that shows just how bad of a football team they really were.

ESPN Stats & Info posted a tweet that shared that the Cowboys went 1-6 against playoff teams and 7-2 against non-playoff teams.

For fans who hate the Cowboys, this stat will make you smile. On the other hand, Dallas fans are going to have to swallow just how embarrassing this really is.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are entering a new era of football. The decision was made this offseason to relieve Jason Garrett of his duties as head coach. Mike McCarthy was brought in to replace him and has a long resume of success, including a Super Bowl win, with the Green Bay Packers.

It will be interesting to see what the Cowboys look like this season. They have made quite a few changes and were very aggressive on the defensive side of the football. CeeDee Lamb was also an unexpected steal in the 2020 NFL Draft.

All of that being said, the Cowboys need to step things up or roster changes could be coming in the near future. With Dak Prescott playing on the franchise tag, there will be a lot of pressure on his shoulders in 2020.

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