3 predictions for Jets RB Le’Veon Bell in 2020

Le'Veon Bell, Jets
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Le’Veon Bell will not make the Jets a better team in 2020

Bell will be a better player for the Jets in 2020 than he was in 2019. He will have more rushing yards, have more receiving yards, and score more touchdowns. Bell will be closer to the player he was for the Steelers, but that won’t make the Jets a better team.

This Jets team doesn’t have the talent of the Patriots, even without Tom Brady, or the Bills, and they don’t have the draft picks of the Dolphins. With Adam Gase at the helm and unless Darnold takes a huge step forward this season, the Jets will always have the ceiling of a middle of the pack team.

Bell will play better in 2020, but it won’t add more wins to the Jets without a significant improvement from his head coach and quarterback. 


  1. Most everybody would agree with the first 2 statements. What are you basing the third comment on? How many wins do the Jets need to get in order for Bell to make the Jets better?

  2. Only the Steelers could lose Shazier,Polamalu,Bell,A.Brown,and Ben for a year and still be a front-runner to go to Super-Bowl

    • All of those players were on the same team? They all g OJ t hurt the same year? How is that statement even close to accurate and relevant. Losing Big Ben alone made them into a team they had to do everything right to barely make the playoffs

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