3 Teams Who Should Consider A Trade For Falcons DT Grady Jarrett

Grady Jarrett, Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons are in a tough spot after trading Matt Ryan. They do not have a quarterback that they trust and have a ton of dead money. Their best bet this season may be to tank and set up for next year. That could mean trading Grady Jarrett.

The team would save $16 million to move on from Jarrett, so they may be motivated to do it for any reasonable offer. Who are three teams that could trade for Grady Jarrett?

3. Kansas City Chiefs

If the team wants to use the money that they saved on Tyreek Hill to build the rest of the defense it could be a nice fit. The Chiefs have flirted with moving Chris Jones outside more, but they do not have an interior rusher to help that transpire and they almost let Derrick Nnadi walk in free agency. They have a need and have a desire to win now, which makes them a fit.

2. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys make plenty of sense. The first and foremost reason is that Dan Quinn is the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. He was the head coach when the Falcons drafted Grady Jarrett.

The best years of Jarrett were him playing with Dan Quinn. Knowing that Quinn was a defensive head coach, you could say that the two bonded a ton during the best days for both of them.

Dallas has a need on the interior with Neville Gallimore, and Trysten Hill taking big snaps and they could see a massive upgrade from either and both with Grady Jarrett. The fit makes plenty of sense, and Quinn is the icing on the cake to make this reasonable.

1. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have been looking for their penetrating 3-tech for years. From Sheldon Richardson to Malik Jackson and Malik McDowell, they have shuffled from one to the other and have not filled the hole. They currently have Tommy Togiai slotted in for big snaps, so needless to say they could upgrade this offseason.

On top of the need, the Browns are going to be desperate. The way in which they went all-in for Deshaun Watson was unprecedented and has them in a place where they have to prove to be winners of the decision. That means that if they need to trade for a name like Grady Jarrett to fill a hole, so be it.

The desperation could be what has them find with beating out Dallas to make the trade.