5 bold predictions for Packers vs. Texans in Week 7

Texans, Bill O'Brien, Deshaun Watson, Vikings
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

4. Points Everywhere

This is a game that is bound to have points put up from the opening kickoff. The Packers have played three overs in five games while the Texans have played four in six games. Both teams can put up points and have had difficulty stopping opposing offenses.

This is a game where one team will have to outscore the other. Rodgers is leading an offense with minimal weapons, but he is turning them into elite options. The Texans are without DeAndre Hopkins after trading him to Arizona, but Brandin Cooks is beginning to step up. He has 21 catches over the last two weeks.

When these two teams take the field, it will be a fast paced game with a lot of offense. Both quarterbacks know that they will have to get their team in the end zone and that is exactly what will happen.