Arizona Cardinals: Do The Right Thing And Trade Larry Fitzgerald

The Arizona Cardinals are preparing for the future while wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is gearing up for his end. Since entering the NFL in 2004, Fitzgerald has only known one team. While others have switched for better opportunities or money, Larry Legend has stood by the Cardinals. However, the time has come for him and the Cards to want more.

I know, he’s loyal and this offseason may have been the perfect time for him to either walk away from the game or look elsewhere. But he chose to stick it out one more year, and the results may have him hanging them up after the worst season of his professional career. What it boils down it is this. If Fitzgerald doesn’t end the marriage, then the Arizona Cardinals must.

With news this week that All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson has requested a trade out of Arizona, many are wondering if Larry Fitzgerald will do the same? Probably not. He’s the ultimate pro and great teammate and walking away from the Cardinals now would seem like a stab in the back to the fans and organization which has stood by him as he’s emerged as one of the best to play the position.

But still, something has to give.

With the NFL trade deadline entering its final week, the Cardinals should do Larry a huge favor and allow him one last chance to get the elusive championship. Think about it. Are the 1-6 Cardinals anywhere close to making some magical second half of the season run? With the QB situation still up in the air and now the trade request of Peterson, the Cards are done for 2018. The only thing left is the Fitzgerald swan song.

Over his career, Fitzgerald has only missed six games. Yes. While many will talk about the durability of Philip Rivers and Eli Manning, Fitzgerald, as a receiver has just missed six games since 2004. While others such as Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss has received praise for their numbers, many have forgotten where Fitzgerald ranks.

It’s Time For the Arizona Cardinals To Part Ways With Larry Fitzgerald

In receptions, he sits 3rd (1,260). His receiving yards has him 3rd with 15,800, and his touchdowns (111) has him ranked 16th All-Time. First ballot Hall of Fame he is but this is not about those stats. What I’m screaming from the top of my lungs is that he deserves that one last chance to leave the game like Peyton Manning, John Elway, and Ray Lewis. Go out on top with no regrets.

Take a look into what has happened this season, and you will understand where I’m coming from. Let’s throw their record away. The Cardinals have started Josh Rosen and Sam Bradford this season at QB, and the results for Fitzgerald have been 26 receptions for 255 yards and one touchdown. This is no way for a legend to be treated.

His 26 catches in seven games are rookie numbers not those of a veteran with Larry Fitzgerald’s resume. What’s also staggering is that he has not cracked over 50 yards in a single game this season. Imagine what he could do for a team like the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars or the Philadelphia Eagles.

The reason I believe the Arizona Cardinals should trade Larry Fitzgerald is to get an additional pick for the 2019 NFL Draft. Letting him walk will get them nothing. There are a few teams in need of his veteran presence and locker room leadership willing to part with a second or third round pick.

The future is the selling point for the Cardinals, and the end is one for Fitzgerald. Let everyone get what they want and walk away happy.


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