Bills Film Room: Josh Allen’s development is close to becoming complete

Josh Allen, Bills, NFL
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After a shaky start to his career in 2018, Josh Allen made big strides in year two with the Bills. Buffalo made it back to the playoffs and Allen cut down on the interception rate, dropped his bad throw percentage by 5.7%, and gained 510 yards on the ground.

Allen showed a really good understanding of blitzes, made good decisions and reads, and actually showed good touch on a lot of throws. He struggles a bit with anticipation but he moves through full-field reads with ease and he has the arm strength to push the ball into windows despite his lack of anticipation.

However, his 58.8% completion percentage was dead last in the NFL and it was that low for a reason. His mechanics are wildly inconsistent and lead to a number of accuracy issues. He might be deciding to throw to the right guy, but getting it there reliably is a whole other issue. He’s reading like he’s Peyton Manning and throwing it like he’s Brock Osweiller.

Usually, these things happen in reverse and young quarterbacks have the physical tools but can’t read defenses. In this case for the young Bills quarterback, it seems to be the opposite. His mind is recognizing things faster than his body can respond and because of that, his footwork goes out the window.

With that being said, lets’s take a look at the fill breakdown of Josh Allen’s development with the Buffalo Bills.

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  1. Great analysis, same stuff JA speaks about himself fixing over the offseason. Hoping all works out.

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