Broncos: 5 players who could rise to stardom in 2020

Broncos, Drew Lock
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have had a rough few years ever since reaching the pinnacle of success in 2015 and winning Super Bowl 50 behind a dominant defense and serviceable Peyton Manning. Ever since then, there’s been an endless stream of quarterbacks who don’t quite fit the bill, and a roster that has struggled to find itself.

But the feeling is a bit different going into the 2020 NFL Season. There is a sense of hope that is brewing in Denver, as a few players look to take a giant step forward and put some of the pieces together.

The defense under Vic Fangio is set to be dangerous, and a stable of potentially explosive offensive weapons could turn some heads in the league if all goes according to plan. If everything breaks in the right way for the Broncos, they could absolutely be a playoff team in the making.

In order for that to happen, these five players are going to need to step up, and there’s a good chance they become well-known names across the NFL if they succeed.

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