Deshaun Watson receives top odds to be Patriots’ starting QB in 2021

With the departure of Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New England Patriots will have to find their quarterback of the future. Could they look at acquiring Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans next offseason?

In recent odds released from, Watson is currently the odds-on favorite to be the Patriots’ starting quarterback in 2021. While that sounds a bit out there on the surface, it’s certainly not impossible. Cr

For starters, the thought of the Houston Texans trading DeAndre Hopkins was not something many could say they anticipated, let alone for a bad deal to the Arizona Cardinals. He ended up wanting a larger contract and Bill O’Brien didn’t want to give it to him.

Watson is still playing under his rookie contract and has a fifth-year option in 2021. There would need to be talks between the franchise-quarterback and the Texans as he would be entering the final year of his contract. Heading into the 2021 season without an agreement wouldn’t be logical.

With a need for potential contract talks, an opportunity for Watson to have a disconnect with the Texans is present. The likely thought process is that both sides would fail to reach an agreement and that would open the possibility of the Patriots trading for him.

A lot of change happens in the NFL within a short period of time, so it’s difficult to necessarily project that far in the future. The Patriots could end up discovering they have a sufficient option currently on their roster. With how Tom Brady emerged as a late round pick, nothing would be surprising.

If Deshaun Watson were to depart from the Texans, it’s difficult to think of a better potential landing spot than the Patriots. Pairing head coach Bill Belichick with a dynamic quarterback with real mobility like Watson is fascinating to think about.