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Former NFL Star Takes Massive Shot At Cowboys’ Jerry Jones

There are only three certainties in the world; death, taxes and the Dallas Cowboys getting eliminated early in the postseason. They continued that trend this past weekend, getting destroyed by the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

The Cowboys lost 48-32, becoming the first No. 2 seed since the NFL expanded the playoffs to include a third Wild Card team to lose. The final score and stat lines don’t do justice to how badly Dallas was beaten as they allowed the first 27 points of the game and trailed by as many as 32 in the second half.

It was a truly embarrassing performance for a team that entered the playoffs with some positive momentum and a real feeling of being able to make some noise. But, once again, they came up woefully short when it mattered most.

NFL News & Rumors: Chad Ochocinco, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Updates

Now, rumors are swirling about changes that could be made. Head coach Mike McCarthy’s job is in danger despite having the most regular season success since their dynasty in the 90s. However, the Cowboys aren’t measured by regular season success; all that matters for Jerry Jones is championships.

Dallas did make some ugly NFL history with their loss. Not only are the Packers the first No. 7 seed to win, but the Cowboys became the first team to have three straight 12-win seasons and not make the conference championship in any of them.

While blame is being passed around, a former NFL star shared his opinion on who the problem is. Chad Ochocino, during a recent segment on Night Cap, revealed that Jones, in his estimation, is what is holding the team back.

“Say his name loud and clear! That’s the problem, Jerry Jones is the reason why they can’t get past the first round. That’s the problem! Jerry I love you, I love the way you conduct business. Go ahead and get in the background and let them boys handle their business from now on.” Ochocinco said, via JPAFootball on X.

NFL News & Rumors: Chad Ochocinco, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Updates

Ochocinco’s assessment is pretty accurate. The only common denominator in the lack of success over the last three decades is Jones as the architect of the team. While other people have stepped up in recent years to help, he remains the true face of the franchise and decision-maker when it comes to roster personnel.

Until that changes, or he adopts a new philosophy on how to build the team, the lack of success will continue. Things aren’t going to get any easier to add talent this offseason as the Cowboys have some major salary cap hurdles to get over, such as the $59.4 million cap hit for Dak Prescott.

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