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Green Bay Packers: 3 Key Matchups vs the Washington Redskins

Ties suck, don’t they? It’s not a loss but, most importantly, it’s not a win. What’s the point? Packers fans have been contemplating this all week long after going toe to toe with the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.

The Packers enter their matchup with Washington at a record of 1-0-1. So, technically, they’re undefeated. I guess there is a silver lining. Green Bay will look to defend that claim to being undefeated against a Washington team fresh off of a disappointing loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Washington dominated the Arizona Cardinals in their season opener, but fell flat on their faces against Indy.

The Packers are looking for a bit of redemption. They entered the fourth quarter in the lead and allowed the Vikings to score 22 points to eventually send the game to overtime and end in a tie. The Packers defense has played very well to begin the 2018 campaign. Exclude the fourth quarter from Sunday’s game and this Packers defense has only allowed 23 points through seven quarters. Whatever the reason for their falter against Minnesota, whether it was heat, miscommunication, or just overall poor play, I am willing to deem it an outlier for now.

Green Bay will look to get back on track against Washington. They will be seeking to wash the bitter taste out of their mouths and I expect them to come out firing. On the pages to follow are three key matchups to be aware of when the Packers take on Washington.

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