New Odds Reveal Favorite To Feature Tom Brady’s NFL Return

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Few figures can send NFL media into a frenzy as swiftly and consistently as Tom Brady.

His mere hint at a potential return from retirement is all it takes to set the football world ablaze.

During an appearance on the Deep Cut podcast, Brady suggested that he might entertain the idea of returning to the field if the right opportunity arose.

He specifically mentioned the Las Vegas Raiders and the New England Patriots as potential landing spots, noting his uncertainty about league regulations given his interest in purchasing a stake in the Raiders.

The speculation didn’t stop there. Betting site wasted no time in unveiling the odds for Brady’s potential destinations, with intriguing results. Despite his remarks, the odds of him returning from retirement stand at +1000, indicating some skepticism surrounding his statements.

Regarding his next potential team, the Raiders emerge as the frontrunners with odds of +125, followed closely by the Patriots (+300), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+500), San Francisco 49ers (+900), Miami Dolphins (+1200), New York Jets (+2500), or the broader field (+5000).

The Raiders stand out as a logical choice, given their lack of a definitive franchise quarterback and absence of a top-10 draft pick.

However, it’s also entirely possible that Tom Brady is simply teasing fans and pundits alike, adding another layer of intrigue to his already storied career.

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