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This Cowboys-Steelers Trade Idea Sends Mike Tomlin To Dallas

With the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers both being knocked out of the NFL Playoffs in the Wild Card round, the attention for both teams shifts to the offseason. Head coach Mike Tomlin has been in the rumor mill quite a bit recently about his future with the Steelers. The Cowboys, on the other hand, may be searching for a new head coach in the near future.

Could these two teams consider coming together on a rare coach trade?

Tomlin to the Cowboys would make a ton of sense. He is a much more disciplined coach than Mike McCarthy and has had a ton of success with every team he has been given. Jerry Jones will be looking to make a splash if he does fire McCarthy.

Other names that have been linked to Dallas are Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh. Tomlin would be the kind of splash that the Cowboys will want to make if they make a change.

Should the two teams come together on a trade, how would it look? Here is one possible option on what would be a major blockbuster deal.

Cowboys Receive: Mike Tomlin, 2024 Fourth-Round Pick

Steelers Receive: 2024 First-Round Pick

This would be fair compensation for the Steelers. They would get another first-round pick to add more young talent to their roster. Moving on from Tomlin would be emotional, but this move would make it make sense.

As for the Cowboys, they would get a coach that can take their current roster farther in 2024. He would get the most out of the team and failure would not be acceptable. Tomlin has always had a strong voice and is well loved by the players, but his schemes have been very tough to beat over the years.

Granted, there is no guarantee that either the Steelers or Mike Tomlin actually want to part ways. But, if there is even an ounce of truth, the Cowboys should explore this option.

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