What Kind Of Contract Extension Might Packers Have To Give Jordan Love?

Jordan Love, Packers
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The 2023 regular has been, as expected, a roller coaster for Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love. A first-round pick in 2020 out of Utah State, Love was given the reins as the starter for first time after backing up Aaron Rodgers for the first three seasons of his career.

Perofmrnaces of peaks and valleys have occurred. Love came out of the gates hot, leading the NFL with six touchdown passes in two weeks. A miraculous come-from-behind victory in Week 3 over the New Orleans Saints in the home opener had the Packers off to a 2-1 start. But, a rough patch followed.

For the first time in his career, Love had to adjust as teams got tape on him. He threw an interception in five consecutive games, with eight total, as the Packers went on a four-game losing streak.

Green Bay was 2-3 heading into their bye week and have gone 2-3 since. Love has shown some improvements as the season has gone along, such as with his accuracy. When working with inexperienced players, as every active wide receiver and tight end on the roster are in their first or second seasons, there are going to be bumps in the road. Drops have been a major issue at times.

Love has overcome that to the best of his ability, keeping the Packers in games. At 4-6, they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot in the NFC. If they can split their next two games against the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs, their schedule the rest of the season features only one more game against a team over .500; the Minnesota Vikings.

How things play out in the final seven games will go a long way to determining Love’s fate with the team. Will he be their starting quarterback beyond 2023? What kind of extension, if any, would the Packers be willing to work out with him?

Many people have likened the situation with Love to what the New York Giants went through with Daniel Jones. However, given the fact Love is under contract in 2024, the situations differe. In the opinion of Wendell Ferreira of AtoZ Sports, Green Bay should look to the deal the Seattle Seahawks worked out with Geno Smith as a guide.

“Getting Geno Smith’s contract as a parameter and adding a couple of millions because of cap inflation, it’s possible that the Packers and Love would agree to something like two years and $60 million.

Love would say that he got $30 million per season, which is a fair mid-level quarterback contract — and life-altering money for a player that has made less than $20 million so far in the league.

For the Packers, it would be a three-year, $66 million contract, a de facto $22 million yearly average without significant guarantees beyond 2024,” wroe Ferreira.

That kind of extension is likely one both sides would be happy with. The Packers would retain some flexibility to upgrade the roster around Love, giving him the best chance to succeed, while maintaining manuverability should they want to move on.

For Love, earning that kind of money is something very few people are afforded the opportunity of. He would have a chance to play himself into a bigger contract, whether it be with the Packers or elsewhere, with another season to prove himself. It is a win-win for both sides working out a medium-sized extension.

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