2 Trades The Dallas Cowboys Should Look To Pursue

Khalil Herbert, Dallas Cowboys
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With several departures and only Eric Kendricks joining the ranks, the Dallas Cowboys have had a dismal offseason. Despite attempts by the Jones family to portray it as planned, the situation worsened when they engaged in a risky game of brinkmanship with Dak Prescott during contract talks.

The Cowboys are facing regrets over missing out on several free agency opportunities, but they still have a chance to salvage the offseason through strategic trades.

Here are two potential deals that could turn things around.

Kelvin Beachum, OT, Arizona Cardinals

Losing Tyron Smith to the New York Jets has left the Cowboys in dire need of a starting left tackle. One solution could be shifting Tyler Smith to the left tackle position and having T.J. Bass compete for the left guard spot.

While this move isn’t guaranteed to succeed, it’s a better option than their current plan of keeping Smith at left guard and relying on Asim Richards at left tackle, which is less than ideal.Kelvin Beachum presents a viable option. With 149 career starts and experience at both left and right tackle, Beachum could provide valuable depth and stability to the Cowboys’ offensive line.

With his contract expiring soon and Jonah Williams joining the Cardinals, Beachum might be available for trade.

Khalil Herbert, RB, Chicago Bears

The departure of Tony Pollard in free agency left a significant gap in the Cowboys’ running back corps. While it’s understandable that the Cowboys didn’t match the Titans’ offer to Pollard, they should have addressed the position in free agency to avoid desperation moves in the draft.

Khalil Herbert, currently with the Chicago Bears, could be a suitable option. In his three seasons with the Bears, Herbert has demonstrated his versatility and effectiveness, averaging 4.9 yards per carry. With his contract nearing its end and competition in Chicago’s backfield, Herbert could be available for trade and provide valuable support to the Cowboys’ offense alongside Rico Dowdle.

By pursuing these trades, the Dallas Cowboys could strengthen key positions and mitigate the risks associated with the upcoming draft, potentially turning their offseason around.

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