3 surprise teams who could pursue Dak Prescott this offseason

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Dak Prescott needs to be priority number one for the Dallas Cowboys this offseason. The Cowboys saw what their offense looks like without Prescott and it wasn’t pretty to say the least.

If the Cowboys choose not to prioritize re-signing Prescott like they’ve done in years past, there will certainly be plenty of worthy candidates looking to give him the money he deserves. Prescott, 27, has proven to be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and there will be teams lining at the door to bring him to their squad.

Prescott, in five seasons, has completed 66 percent of his passes, tossed 17,634 passing yards, and had a touchdown to interception ratio of 106:40. He has also played in two Pro Bowls and is a hard working blue chip kind of player who will lay everything on the line for his team.

His 2020 season was cut short due to a fractured ankle, but he is in the process of making a full recovery and is eager to test his market as the NFL’s top free agent in 2021.

Here’s a look at three potential surprise candidates who could steal Dak Prescott away from the Cowboys this offseason.

Washington Football Team

There’s no better feeling than signing with a rival team of a squad who just failed to bring you back and dominating them two times a year. If Dak Prescott signs with the Washington Football Team, he will get an opportunity to do just that.

The Football Team has a bit of a quarterback carousel going on and they could look to shore up the position by bringing in Prescott. The Football Team made the playoffs in 2020 and have proven to be a legitimate threat with Ron Rivera at head coach.

If Washington is feeling bold this offseason, making a push for Prescott could be a good wake up call to the rest of the league. Prescott would easily take the team over and could turn them into the new kings of the NFC East for the long haul.

New England Patriots

Dak Prescott is a very down to earth, hardworking dude who would fit like a glove in Bill Belichick’s system up in Foxboro. The Patriots enter the 2021 offseason with the second most cap space in the NFL and without a reliable starter at the quarterback position.

All of the disappointments from the 2020 season could disappear in a flurry if the Patriots were able to pry Prescott away from the Dallas Cowboys. The Patriots would also do a good job of building around the talent they have in Prescott as they would groom him to be the next Championship caliber quarterback in New England.

Prescott could make a legendary career decision by opting to sign with New England as they would help him reach a level of success he has never reached before. He will have his options this offseason and the Patriots could be a good one.

Indianapolis Colts

Prescott could be put in a win-win situation if the Indianapolis Colts come calling. The Colts, who were a playoff team in 2020, saw Philip Rivers retire and Dak Prescott could be the next great AFC South quarterback.

Choosing to play for the Colts, who enter the offseason with the most cap space in the NFL, would not only pay well, but it would prove to help Prescott play well also. Half of the teams in the AFC South will be rebuilding for quite a while and getting to pile points on two of the lower tiered teams in the league could seem appealing to Prescott.

If Prescott is simply looking to secure his bag and take his talents to a solid team, the Colts could be the team he chooses. Prescott would get ample opportunities to succeed under Frank Reich’s guidance and the Colts could run the AFC South for years to come.