Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Speaks Out On Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has a golden opportunity this upcoming Sunday to clinch his third Super Bowl championship. However, during a recent media session on Super Bowl LVIII’s opening night, Kelce found himself fielding a different kind of inquiry. This time, it was about his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Amid the press frenzy, Kelce was gently probed about the possibility of an engagement ring in his near future, given the growing seriousness of his relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Wisely, Kelce deftly redirected the conversation towards the coveted Lombardi Trophy and the Chiefs.

“I’m focused on getting this ring and that’s all my mind’s focused on right now.”

Here’s the video to see Travis Kelce’s response about Taylor Swift for yourself:

Kelce’s tactful response shouldn’t be misconstrued as reluctance to commit to Swift. In fact, he’s been openly appreciative and complimentary of her throughout this week’s events.

Depending on the outcome of Super Bowl LVIII, Kelce and Swift may well have the chance to share an emotional and celebratory moment in the vibrant city of Las Vegas this Sunday.

It will certainly be interesting to see if Travis Kelce pops the question to Taylor Swift at some point in the near future. After a Chiefs’ Super Bowl win would be a wild story to tell for years to come.

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