Colin Cowherd Doesn’t Hold Back On Cowboys, Bill Belichick Rumors

Bill Belichick, Dallas Cowboys
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Earlier this offseason, we heard endless speculation that the Dallas Cowboys would be hiring Bill Belichick as their next head coach.

It didn’t happen, as the Cowboys chose to stick with Mike McCarthy.

Not only that, but Belichick was shut out entirely, as all seven teams that had head-coaching vacancies ended up going in another direction.

Many are wondering if Belichick will ever coach in the NFL ever again, and rumor has it that if he does, Dallas is one of the few jobs he would consider.

Count Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd as skeptical.

During a recent episode of The Herd, Cowherd said that he does not think Belichick would be a good fit for the Cowboys.

Cowherd does not think Belichick would be a good match for owner Jerry Jones because Jones has a very hands-on approach, which Cowherd thinks would bother Belichick.

Remember: Belichick was also the general manager for the New England Patriots during his 24 years as head coach of the franchise. He would likely want similar control in Dallas, and the chances of Jones surrendering that much authority to a coach seems rather slim.

Look no further than Jones’ split with Jimmie Johnson back in the ’90s to see an example of what could potentially happen if Belichick heads to Dallas.

While Belichick and Jones are friends, that could all go by the wayside if Jones begins meddling in Belichick’s affairs or if he does not allow Belichick the freedom to make certain decisions.

The reason why Belichick worked in New England for so long was because Robert Kraft gave Belichick carte blanche to do what he wanted with the roster, with the coaching staff, etc. It seems very unlikely that Jones would give Belichick the same privilege.

A marriage between Bill Belichick and the Cowboys could end in disaster.

The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be close to happening. At least not yet.

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