Indianapolis Colts: 3 Key Matchups vs. the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3

Quarterback Andrew Luck leads his Indianapolis Colts into Philadelphia to put a damper on the return of the Eagles’ Carson Wentz. How can the Colts steal the win in Philly?

There is a little more at stake when the Indianapolis Colts take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3 this weekend.

It’s not just a football game for rookie Colts head coach Frank Reich. There is a certain amount of urgency from the first-year head coach making his first return to Philadelphia since leaving the team this past offseason for his new job in Indianapolis.

He needs to show up and so does his team.

The Colts are currently flying high after dismantling the Washington Redskins in Week 2. Star quarterback Andrew Luck’s return has been just as reinvigorating as one could have imagined it being. The young coaching staff is off to a hot start. Indianapolis will look to capitalize off that hot start by continuing its early string of success against the reigning Super Bowl champs.

The defending champions have struggled to begin the year. Their star quarterback, Carson Wentz, is still recovering from an ACL injury he suffered at the end of the 2017 season. Wentz will make his return and his first start of the 2018 season this week against the Colts. Backup quarterback Nick Foles has been rather disappointing following his heroic run in the playoffs last year. Thus, the Eagles are desperately seeking their own injection of fire and energy.

Philadelphia is still a team ravaged by injuries early on in the 2018 campaign. Its title defense is off to a rocky start after being plagued by these injuries. The Eagles are still a modest 1-1 at this point, and the Eagles are still the Eagles. They have an immensely talented roster and are two players deep at multiple positions. It won’t be easy for the Colts to march into Philly and come out with a win.

If they’re going to do that, there are some key matchups that the Colts will need to win.

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