Could Colts, Steelers Swap Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris?

Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris, Colts, Steelers
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Depending on where you get your information from, intel on the situation between the Indianapolis Colts and Jonathan Taylor doesn’t seem close to a resolution. While there have been reports that the Colts have no interest in trading him, it has also been reported that Taylor has no interest in remaining with the franchise without a contract extension.

This will be something to keep an eye on going forward as Taylor is eligible to return to the Colts on Monday. After spending the first four weeks of the season on the PUP List, he is eligible to return once Week 4 is completed.

Right now, it looks like the plan is for Taylor to return and assume a role in the Colts backfield. Alas, the situation seemingly remains fluid as things are changing on a daily basis. Until the trade deadline passes on October 31st, there is a chance that the star running back is on the move.

The number of interested teams has grown recently, with Taylor being connected to more than just the Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers. One team that has reportedly shown interest is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It can be argued that the Steelers have an offensive line problem more than a running back problem. But, it is fair to say that Taylor would be a sizable upgrade over Najee Harris, given the production of the former first-round pick throughout his career.

So, that has gotten some people to thinking. What kind of trade could the Colts and Steelers make? Destin Adams, a Colts beat writer for AtoZ Sports, suggested that the teams swap starting running backs, with Pittsburgh attaching a third-round pick along with Harris.

His suggestion has garnered a lot of attention, with a majority of the votes being that this is a trade the Colts would decline. That seems like how things would unfold given the fact that they were looking for the value of a first-round pick in return.

Also, it is far to question how much interest the Colts would have in bringing Harris on board. The same issues they are having with Taylor about a long-term contract would come to light with Harris in 2024. He is eligible for an extension and a decision would have to be made on the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.