Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Calls Out Giants For Handling of Daniel Jones

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Dallas Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons and his defensive teammates had their way against the New York Giants in Week 1. Dallas won the game in historic fashion, defeating their NFC East rivals 40-0.

It was something that Micah Parsons wasn’t surprised to see.”No doubt in my mind,” Parsons said. “I saw it before anybody. I said, ‘I can’t wait to get to New York.’ I already knew we was coming. Just because when preparation meets execution, I don’t think there’s no one that can beat us.”

Just how dominant of a performance did he and his teammates put on? 40-0 is the largest shutout in Cowboys history and the second-largest margin of victory in the longstanding rivalry.

Defensively, the Cowboys had seven sacks on Daniel Jones, one of which Micah Parsons recorded. Based on the performance of the Giants’ offensive line, they are considered lucky by many people to give up only that many.

As the game wore on, the Giants began inserting backups into their lineup. But, one player who didn’t come out of the game was Jones. New York head coach Brian Daboll said it was a decision made hoping to build some positive momentum.

Not surprisingly, it was a decision that drew a lot of criticism. Some of that criticism came from Micah Parsons, who called out the Giants for how they handled the situation with Jones.

“It’s called protecting your guy — something I thought the Giants should have done,” Parsons said Tuesday on his “The Edge with Micah Parsons” podcast. “I don’t think Daniel Jones should have been in that game in the fourth quarter.

“I thought they should have protected him and pulled him out. Barring injury, their season would be over without Daniel Jones.” (H/T ESPN)

It was certainly a head-scratching decision to leave Jones on the field, especially since backups were in along the offensive line. It was a decision that Micah Parsons was not afraid to share his opinion on, and he had a lot more to say.

“I do not agree with Daniel Jones staying out there until that last drive, I thought that was wrong,” Parsons said. “I thought that was deceiving.

“That’s your franchise quarterback, and he’s out there with a backup offensive line still getting sacked and hit. I just didn’t understand. Maybe it was a prove-it moment by the Giants — I have no idea — a learning lesson, who knows. But I thought Daniel Jones should have got pulled out.”

When the opposing players are starting to feel bad for you, it is pretty evident that a mistake was likely made. That drubbing is something that Jones, Daboll and the Giants will learn from as Micah Parsons and the Cowboys announced their presence as an NFC contender in Week 1.